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Conditions of use and copyrights

BIPT keeps its website up to date to ensure that the available information is complete, correct, exhaustive and updated. If despite these efforts errors do occur in the content provided, the Institute will do its utmost to correct these as quickly as possible.

The information and documents published on this website may not be considered to be authentic copies of officially adopted texts. Only the official texts published in the Moniteur Belge shall be considered as authentic. Therefore, the administrator of this website and of the information channels cannot be held responsible for any damage you suffer due to lacking information in the answer you have received through these channels.

Unless stated otherwise, the information found on this website is exempt from copyright. It can be copied unconditionally for private, club, scientific and commercial purposes. The BIPT does recommend to mention the source and date of the information copied. When content that can be consulted on or through the BIPT website is supplied by third parties and is copyright-protected, this restricts the possibilities for use and reproduction, which is then subject to prior authorisation from the respective author(s). The use and reproduction of multimedia content (including, inter alia, images, sounds, videos and software applications) are always subject to prior approval. Please contact to this effect.