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Permit procedures

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When rolling out their fibre networks operators have to apply for the necessary local and regional permits or authorisations. The exact requirements and provisions may differ depending on the location or region. On these pages a short overview is given for the Flemish Region, the Walloon Region and the Brussels Capital Region. Municipalities and cities in particular play a major part in fibre roll-out.

In accordance with Article 43 of the European Electronic Communications Code it should be ensured that these permits can be applied for on the basis of simple, efficient, transparent and publicly available procedures. A decision regarding such an application should in any case be finalised within six months, ensuring a non-discriminatory and fast implementation. In this regard, the BIPT publishes a number of recommendations for cities and municipalities to facilitate fibre roll-out.

At the regional level, several platforms are used in Belgium where planned work should be notified. KLIP and KLIM/CICC exchange information about cables and lines, for the Flemish Region and for the Walloon and Brussels Capital Regions respectively. In addition there are other platforms to (among other things) coordinate work: GIPOD for the Flemish Region, PoWalCo for the Walloon Region and Osiris for the Brussels Capital Region.

Finally you can also find a list of competent authorities here.

With this information the BIPT aims to offer a simple and clear framework in order to inform citizens, authorities and operators. The information and the documents that can be found by way of these links, do not have the same value as the authentic existing regulation, however, and do not aim to give an exhaustive list of the complete existing regulation. Therefore, the BIPT recommends users to also check the authentic sources at all times. The various competent bodies remain the only ones that can give a decisive answer about the interpretation of the regulation they supervise.
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